Client Families

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Deb is a retired corporate executive. Her main objective is to make sure that her money lasts throughout her lifetime and provides her with a comfortable lifestyle.

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Dave and Toni

Dave and Toni are semi-retired. They are currently transitioning into working less and leisurely spending more time doing what they enjoy.

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Jason and Meg

Jason is an executive and Meg is a small business owner. They want to make sure they're ready for retirement, though they're early in their careers.

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Jim and Gail

Jim is an architect and Gail works at Western Michigan University. Their goal is to make a smooth transition into retirement over the next few years and to have their assets keep up with their active lifestyle.

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Mike and Kelly

Mike is an executive for a local manufacturing firm and Kelly is dedicated mother. They are focused on investing wisely to set themselves up for an early retirement.

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Steve and Becky

Steve is a local business owner and Becky is a professor at GVSU. They want to make sure their money works as hard as they do and is wisely invested to mitigate risks.

It is not known whether the listed clients approve or disapprove of Daus Financial or the services provided. Clients included on this page were selected because they are a fair representation of the families with which we do business based on their estate planning and/or business needs.